,, Ma pierd intre norme sociale si legi personale”

,,Traveling in the buss by back, it’s like you witness the past as you are heading towards your present”

,, If somebody doesn’t say ,,hi” to you, don’t feel ofended, they do you a favor. Why bother saying hi, to someone who doesn’t share the same values as you…feel proud in change, cause you wont be mixed with lower categories of people ”

,, People who have no word, are not people ”

,,Bring me down how many times you want, and i’ll always get up stronger than before”

,, Cowards …always start a batle and leave after the first hit ”

,, Sadness it’s just a phase of a moment”

( moments are made of many instances or phases, that is why some of them are happy and some of them are sad…sadness, is tiny compared with the importance of a smile, no matter the reason of it )

,, If others see me as a fool, than i’m sure God has biger plans for me, than I or they, can see”

,, i put a wish on a star, one day far
my wish is close, so near my touch…
i’m afraid…i cannot watch…
But…surprise !!
I want to see…and my wish, so close
to me…dissapeared !!!! ”

,, Tell me to stop, and i wont listen, tell me that i have to change, and i’ll think that your crazy…but dare to tell me not to love, and …i’ll kill you


I : De ce sunt barbatii obsedati de sex ?

R : Pentru ca e singurul lucru la care se pricep cel mai

bine…cateodata ! :))

R@LuTheWriTer ­čÖé

Ralu The Writer Din studentie...

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  1. 2. You cannot be heading towards present. The present is the only thing that’s really there … forever
    3. You won’t be mixed with lower category people or higher category people or he didn’t see you or …
    8. Do you see yourself as a full? And does God have plans for you? Do you have any responsibility also?
    10. Killing for love … that’s so full of … love

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