How dreams are made…

I still feel the sand on my skin. It’s touch is so gentle that i haven’t dared to wash it away. I’m starting to live a life that lived inside me for so long and fictional memories that lived only in imagination came to live under my eyes in one single day. A day i’ve been dreaming of for so long. I’m making huge steps out of my box, and i’m not willing to stop and look back.

I’m starting to lose the fear i was talking about in the past articles. Because i’ve already understood how much damage it can make and how it kept me looked in the house for 3 months. And all because of  my wish to cross my own limits, ones that i’ve built alone without even thinking about it, just because i’ve heard about so many bad things happening around me.

Taking chances I’ve started making my dreams come true. For those who read my blog for the first time it may seem silly, I may seem to talk bullshit. But truth is that I’m like this, i enjoy the simple things in life: friendship, a smile, a good word at the right time,  stories, sincerity etc. and i usualy don’t talk if i feel like i have nothing to say. Who cares my pocket is empty now if i still have sand in my shoes and the sound of the see in my ears. Yesterday was wonderful and i’ll make sure(and/or pray) it’s just the beggining.

Dreams i’ve accomplished yesterday ?

1. I’ve always dreamed about a party on the beach: and yesterday it happend. A music festival took place on a beach at half an hour from here. Imagine a bunch of people of different languages getting organized and going there just to have fun. At this point it doesn’t matter how everybody understunds fun. I had fun just being there with the sea beside me and the sand under my feet.

2. I’ve been colecting memories from all over the world. Yes, i did. I have a poem that thanks to the nice people i meet yesterday it is now translated in 11 languages, and i’m not over yet.

3. I came home all by myself. Although it may seem ridiculous, for me it’s a step forward. I’m not so full of fear usualy, and it’s starts to be a bit annoying at some point not only for me but for others also. So last night i did it, I survived 😀

To conclude not only the article but also last night. I arrived home so happy that i felt like #Bailando and i fell asleep knowing that # i had the time of my life.