How old is too old ?

This is officially my first article on the new bilingual  website, and I am more than happy about it. So I thought it might be cool to start with a – never answered question – as How old is too old 😀 and I will explain further why I find this question to be so fascinating.

Of course I don’t want to focus just on the age, because all of us think about the age when we say about someone that he or she is old, but if we try to be a little more sincere with ourselves it won’t be that hard to admit the fact that being old is like many other things an option in most of the cases.


Basically, in spite of their real age, people feel old for two reasons:

  1. They are forced to endure many stressful situations in every day life.

Yes, this does happen quite often, because life is never really simple or fair, and when it strucks in most of the time we are less than prepared. Going through time, having to face problem after problem, people get tired and their energy drops, and so it’s not that they only feel old but they also physically tend to seem older than they actually are sometimes.

      2. They complain a lot.

Yes, yes, don’t argue. We all complain a lot, even when we shouldn’t, but how will that make us older you ask ? Well, it does, because you see, when we complain, we mostly create problems where there aren’t any and for the simple fact of imagining a problem is bigger than it actually is, we fulfill ourselves with a negative energy that makes us feel bad, guilty and kind of, in a mood of impossibility of getting over, whatever the problem might be, instead of becoming proactive and curios of finding a solution. It makes us get stuck  in a certain state of mind, in which not being able to move forward we never stop complaining, as life moves forward without us.

So my advice to you is to stay positive no matter what, no matter how hard life gets, cause’ optimism is one of the keys to a calm life and a young soul 🙂 and remember…there isn’t such thing as ,,too old” only how old you let yourself to feel.