What is the difference between getting old and growing old ?

The years that stand in between or maybe the maturity we gain you might say?! Guess again.

The answer is knowledge, the knowledge we gain, the life in our years and the lessons we learned. It happens sometimes that old people are not as wise as we expect, and in the same time, there are people who came to understand the ways of life beyond their age. Fact that almost never happens to come without having to face difficulties, reading, helping others and learning how to pay it forward, how to give and touch others with the knowledge one has gained.

Among such people there are always some of them who really touch our hearts and minds as follows:

  1. Matthew Hussey

If someone says public speaker, the first name that comes up in my mind is Matthew Hussey. Although he is actually a dating couch that reaches also self development subjects (anyhow dating and self development couldn’t and shouldn’t go apart) he has that exact level of charisma and knowledge of how to be on stage and around people, that he’s message will get to you and leave you with a learned lesson after every video.

     2. Brene Brown

If you never asked yourself the difference between weakness and vulnerability then you should definitely go check her on youtube. It clarifies a lot of emotion based questions in a calm way and makes you understand how strong you are without even knowing 🙂

    3. Eckhart Tolle

I admit I haven’t been listening to his speeches on the long therm but as far as I did, I can say that he can explain very well the issues of the soul, why we have certain feelings, where do they come from and how to manage them.

So this are my top 3 but, why is it so important to listen to speakers anyway? Well it’s not just about speakers, but the truth is that the world is in a desperately need of role models we need well behaved people, motivating and inspiring people to do good things in life, and as long as we still have youtube, we might as well use it for our own good. Not just music and fun, but also to self educate ourselves on a daily basis.


Do you enjoy listening to speakers online, have a favorite one or did you checked out this 3 ?

Then feel free to leave your opinion about them in a comment bellow or even your own recommendation.

 Foto: quotesgram.com

Featured Foto: lionessmagazine.com


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