Going to Aosta Valley? Here’s a great place to stay !!

As I already told you in a past article I found the internship I was looking for in the past months. And it is located in Aosta Valley, in Northern side of Italy, at the border of France and Switzerland. In a future post I will explain more about Aosta Valley, but in the first place, if you ever consider coming here, here’s a great place to choose for a wonderful stay: Hotel Le Pageot 🙂

First of all, the main best thing about Hotel Le Pageot is that you can find it at only a few meters on the right side of the train station, whitch is also close to the city center

The inside is very welcoming, all together with the helping personal at the reception. The rooms are more than decent with inside mini bathrooms, (functional)TV in the room, air conditioning, and free wifi.

You also have the possibility to have breakfast or lunch, but it’s under a different price, not included in the cost of the room.

The price of the room differs according to the time of the year that you arrive, as Aosta is a touristic location, great for skying in winter, prices start from 30 euro/night up to 100 euros, depending on kind of room. I only paid 50,50 euro for my single room and that is because I arrived at the end of august, which means vacation not only for Italy but for every country.

If you are looking for cheaper options, I need to say that, little before, while heading t0 the hotel, I passed by a Motel, hostels I haven’t seen or heard about yet, but believe me, it gets me worried even when I look at the appearence of a Motel in general.

I rather pay 50 euro, and have a decent good sleep and not worrying about the bad conditions, creepy people and who knows what other inadequat things that may occur, than paying much less, and having to deal with all the unexpected I just mentioned.

Le Pageot is a three star Hotel, but I would rate it five stars, with no doubt.

Keep close. More information about the Valley in the following weeks 🙂

P.S. All the photos are taken by me, except the first two.

 For even more information about the hotel and how to arrive in Aosta Valley chek this website and the hotel’s      website.

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