Timisoara – The city I belong to

pageSome may say it’s becoming absurde always saying that i miss this and that. But truth is that since i have returned home from my Erasmus, i miss that place and i miss the people that i’ve known there very much.

Maybe i falled in love with a life that isn’t mine. Maybe i just got to find some time and let it all out in a short story, and not just from time to time in small pieces. Anyway until that day will come, since i’m far away from the sea and palms I’ll try looking more in my own backyard, because there’s plenty to see. For the begging, let’s have a look at Timisoara, which is the town i belong to.

I gathered some pictures from the internet to show you:

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What you see above is the City Center and the Cathedral in the first picture together with the Union Square showing the Catholic Dome also part of the central zone and the City Center beautifuly covered in snow during winter time. The other pictures show the Central park, the  Bega river, the Stadium, the Children’s park and the Park of Roses.

Some historical information about Timisoara: Timisoara is well known as Little Vien thanks to the architecture of it’s buildings. What few may know is that the architect that designed Vien, designed also Timisoara, that is why the architecture is very simillar even if it has been built at a smaller scale. Because of her many parks and flowers, it has been known also as the city of roses and it has gained her respectability by being the first city in Europe that used electricity for ilumination and the first city in Romania that had trams pulled by horses. Timisoara had and has her own beer factory since 1718 and there’s a lot more to discover. Feel free to come:)