After finishing my first week of work I decided to start enjoying a little bit more the surroundings, so I took advantage of this weekend and of the fact that september is still very warm and I begun exploring Aosta Valley.

Cogne (read Conia) is, how the local touristic brochures call it, the pearl of Aosta. Basically Cogne, is a very small village – tourism oriented because of the amazing views, the waterfalls, the treacking and mountain biking possibilities, not to mention the number of castles and muzeums – open for visitors. All in all, Aosta has a total of 200 castles…more or less.

The buss leaves you next to the elevators or main stairs that take you to the city center. Very close to the stairs there is also a chocolat store, and a small librarery – it smells like a mixture of new and old books and  home made sope of different plants.

Heading forward into the city center you will find an opening view to the mountains that will make you feel like being in  ,,The Sound of the music”.

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The National Parc ”Gran Paradiso” which takes care of all the touristic movements in Cogna, hosts also two amazing museums, one of them being the most modern museum I have ever seen, yet. The museum is also the main center of Gran Paradiso, case in which it doesen’t really have a name but I’ll leave you with some pictures:


Here we have a dashboard table which it is used as a videoprojector that presents the flood caused  in the past years by the existing ice inside the mountains and up in front there is a 3D tv with information about why the mountains still have ice and how it develops in time. Everything is very interactive.

Then we have the Museum of Mining which is also very impresive.

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The best part of visiting Gran Paradiso National Parc is the you can either choose to buy a ticket for 3 or 4 euro to see only some places or you can buy the ticket for 8 euro and see all the visitable places and it’s also available for one year. The bus ticket to get there, from Aosta is only 4 euro and the trip is only half an hour long. Have fun 🙂

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