It’s almost a month now since I’m here in Aosta and like I said I am coming back with more information about how’s it going with the internship and how’s life in this part of Italy.

I have a 9 to 5 from monday to friday and until now things go pretty good. I got used to the working program and of course when I finally managed to adapt, I started the language course and now I have to split the day between working and going to class, but that’s okay.

Cervim is an association of local, national and international wine producers with the aim of protecting the mountain viticulture and in fast slope, which tends in time to become a recognisable trademark of the most high quality wines produced in difficult conditions. As follows they organize every year an important festival ment to reward the most delightful wines.

My main job regards the marketing department, but as a beginner I do a little bit of everything they ask, translations, sending emails, updating the website, excell databases and so on.

Since it’s just the beginning I am sure I have a lot to see and learn and I look forward to it, because I believe it’s a helpful experience for my self development and future career.

Regarding all the rest, life in the valley is pretty quiet, but of course depends on each one’s life style.

Photos & more, soon.

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