The beauty of Torino

Among all the cities I’ve seen so far in Italy, Torino caught my attention in a particular way. As a big city that it is, and above all the touristic aspects, Torino, this town with large city squares and lost somehow in it’s movement -is pretty calm and quite and reminds me of Timisoara, I don’t know why, it’s maybe something in it’s architecture, or the big streets, but beyond that the beauty of Torino remains in this: althought alive and noisy, it keeps it’s cool&calm, like nothing can disturb the ways of life.

What can you do to feel the joy of the city?

  1. Do your thing!

Go there, be busy, solve whatever problem you had to solve, emerge yourself in the life and the movement of the city and then breath. Slow down, pick a place and have a coffe in the city center or somewhere next to the Central Station.




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    2. Go for a walk

Let that coffe go deep to your heart. Have a walk through the beautiful arcades among the book selleres until you arrive in Via Roma.


   3. Listen…

If you go to see some museums after that walk it will be great cause’ when you’re out, it’s already evening and you can stop and enjoy the street musicians that come your way in Via Roma. They play either piano or guitar or anyother instrument but they’re amazing.


  4. The river

The river that crosses the city is some stations aways with the tram number 4 – you will find there  many seagulls waiting for you to feed them. Feed them and they will give you a great show,  they can even catch pieces of bread in air, it gives you a great feeling.



All this together with a well made to do list of things to see or even made as you go and your day in Torino will be amazing.

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