After many months of preparing the most important event in the mountain viticulture sectore, Mondial des Vins Extremes, a competition organized by CERVIM which took place in July – the day of the event has finally arrived. Saturday, November 12th in Milan at Giureconsulti Palace, 244 winning wines out of 738 registered, coming from 16 countries worldwide have received their medals.


The event was formed of three important moments starting with a Round Table at the beginning where there were discussed several methods of protection of the mountain viticulture and continuing with the Awarding Ceremony and  the Tasting of the 244 winning wines in the end.

At the Round Table have spoken Gianni Fava, Assessor of Regional Agriculture of Lombardy, Renzo Testolin, Assessor of Natural Resources and Agriculture of Autonom Region of Aosta Valley Valle, Roberto Gaudio, President of Cervim, Giovanna Prandini, Union Chambers of Lombardy – President of Probrixia and Member of CCIAA of Brescia and Mamete Prevostini, President of Ascovilo –Association of vineyard consortium of Lombardy. Together  with them has also participated  Juan Antonio Barreto, Director of Rural Environment of Canary Islands and Elisabetta Paravicini, President of Ersaf – Regional Institution of Agricultural and Forestial Services.



The importance of the territory conected with the characteristics and the quality of wine has been one of the subjects exposed by Giovanna Prandini at the beginning of her speach.

A high number of the participating wines come from wine houses belonging to families with old traditions where the experience of cultivating a heroic viticulture has been maintained and carried from a generation to another.


Through heroic viticulture – protected and promoted by CERVIM – we understand a type of viticulture cultivated in difficult conditions such as mountain territories in steep slope, terraces,  vineyards at more than 500 m altitude or vineyards cultivated on small islands such as the Canary Islands.

The competition Mondial des Vins Extrêmes and the Scientific Congress that takes place once in two years (now in preparation for march 2017 at Conegliano, Veneto) are two of the most important activities of CERVIM.


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