As a writer…

… it is difficult to ignor wine and/or  letting it outside the moments of my life – which is why an event like Mondial des Vins Extremes is due to the fact that I’m and apprentice – a one of a kind and unic moment in life, that allowed me to meet and taste some of the world’s finest wines.

This year’s event of Mondial des Vins Extremes had nothing less than 738 registered wines an 244 winning wines available for tasting in the afternoon of Saturday 12th of November when the Awarding ceremony took place, in th heart of Milan, at Giureconsulti Palace, with a beautiful view of Duomo Square.

Of course I couldn’t go through all 244 wines but I was lucky enough to taste 3 and also some of the best choices I could of make under the guidance of my wine knowers coordinators from CERVIM.

Therefore if you ever look for a high quality wine here are my three lucky stickes from the event:

  • Nopera Wine,
  • Torrette
  • Passito (Sicilian Wine)

Nopera Wine Epitome– When and why ?

Before getting in the deep taste and high quality of the Nopera Wine let’s take a look back in time – in the middle of the 19th century when the Nopera family originary from Malta, leaves the island and moves to Samos Island in Greece, where it starts producing sweet wines from moscato white grapes.


Nowadays the Nopera family – at it’s third generation, carries ahead with success the traditions of wine making and vineyard cultivation although it owns only a small part of  Samos’s viticulture territories. The whole island is  80% coverd with  moscato grapes vineyards – the type of grapes, Epitome wine is made from.


Now, coming back to the quality and unic taste of this wine, in the 2016 wine guide of Mondial des Vins Extremes it says: ,,The wine has a slightly dark ambrant- colour with an albicoc, coffee and caramel mixed smell with a fullfiling taste and a good level of acidity, characteristics which allow the perfectly balanced wine to express the unicity of it’s territorial origins, thanks also to it’s prolonged taste’’.


I don’t think I could find better words than those, to describe the wine. It has a whisky-like colour and a taste that plays with your mind, your dreams and your desires. It’s a wine that any writer or artist should have the honour and the joy to taste at least once in a lifetime and I am glad I had the occasion to find out that such a wine does exist.

The Nopera Wine Epitome is that exact wine you dream of drinking in front of the warm fire, wraped all up in a cousy blanket with some books by your side and an empty vintage notebook with a ready fountain pan, prepared to write one of the deepest stories ever to be written.

I am not a wine knower but I am a wine lover and I am now convinced that a Grand Golden Medal for the Nopera Wine Epitome – was the right choice and it was worth it.

Torrette instead, and Passito tell a truly different story which we will discover together in the following articles.

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