Merry Christmas and Thank you all

It’s been a wonderful year full of accomplishments, new articles and new people that came my way to help me grow as a person and develop my blog. As you can already see and know, since earlier this year Raluthewriter is officially a website.

I want to thank you all those who stood by this year, blog partners and collaborators, readers and all those who somehow made a difference in my life and inspired me.

I also give special thanks this year to Nopera and Cervim for the delicious wine bottles, waiting to be opened for Christmas and the New Years Eve.

Maintaining the wine spirit, I look forward for a better year with better stories and long therm collaborations and leave you with my best wishes along with this funny thought 🙂



Have a Merry Christmas and

a Happy New Year

Warm Regards and Best wishes,

Ralu The Writer 🙂