Maybe some of you have already seen some things on facebook these days, but still I felt the need to write it down also in english, so you don’t feel left behind.

My first book ”Waiting for an answer” as it’s called, translated from romanian to english, has been published in hard cover this Monday, 9th of January 2017. For now and maybe for always, it stays in it’s original romanian version and it won’t appear in Book stores, it can only be found in the librararies of the main cities in Romania.

The book has been published in a limited number for now and I’ll directed it mainly towards my family.

On the other hand my biggest hope is to find a few amazing people/associations, willing to invest and use the book for charity purpose (donating it to poor kids that can’t affort books for example). If you want to give a helping hand you could contribute to the future costs that come with printing the book by donating through Paypal in the upper – right corner of the blog.

Although this first book is available only in romanian, I am letting you know that I am already working on a self development book in english, which I hope to finish soon, although I have just started. So please keep close so you can follow up with my projects and future releases.

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