Perfection? A waste of time…

This post will be rather short.

Never, but I mean never search for perfection. It is the biggest mistake someone can do.

See, perfection is just a result of searching for a kind of quality that we didn’t managed to obtain in our life.

Looking for perfection is a way of assuming that we are never good enough for ourselves and for others and therefore it’s a mindset in which we can never rest and feel in shape without fearing that something could go wrong or that we could disappoint others.

The secret is we never disappoint anyone because we are the ones who set the standards in our own eyes and in the eyes of the world through our attitude and way of communication, both verbal and no verbal.

Sometimes, the simply idea of perfection or that something might not go as planned stops us from  trying in the first place which is very wrong.

Instead of hunting perfection (which by the way doesn’t exist) you should hunt with perseverance and do your best to be constant in what you do. If it’s a hobby or something you’re good at try learning new ways of doing that thing, be informed on the subject and take things step by step. Don’t remain stuck on one part of the process trying to make it perfect. Don’t wait for that idea of perfection you have in your mind to become true because it wont. Just go for it. Otherwise your whole life will pass while you wait for something that will never come along the way.