The two main keys for success | Ralu The Writer

I have been thinking these days…I go through many emotional ups and downs but not because I don’t know where I want to be in the future, or where I see myself, but because I have the main problem that all of us have in our 20’s and that is the lack of patience. I want it all and I want it now.

I’m 26 and as it is normal because life goes on and on I start to worry about a sort of stability that I need but don’t really want yet.

  • I want a stable job but I want to travel.
  • I want experience but staying in one place seems a waste of time.
  • I want to settle down but I want freedom and independence more.
  • I want success but I hate waiting

I want all sort of things. And sometime no matter how much grit and perseverance you put into things, everything just seems like it isn’t really going somewhere and then you start getting tired, complaining and dreaming even more at things that seem to be even further, much more out of your reach. And we’re all like this somehow…but what is it that makes the difference for some of us? for those that one day will say: I made it!?

Among all the things that could be said there are two that in my opinion count more than any other. And those are

  • Attraction
  • Well made self marketing

Why attraction?

Well, first of all because I have to like what you promote/sell. And for that I don’t necessarily need to test it, that can come second because I don’t even want to hear what you have to sell if I don’t like what you say and how you say it  and that means that I have to Identify myself, see me through you, you’re experience, you’re values and everything you express.

Photo by Alexander Solodukhin

Why self marketing?

Thank GOD we live in an era where the methods of communication aren’t a problem, human connections, instead…well that’s another story. Imagine going back in time and you being the guy that invented the first cell phone but then you think..”eh, who need this anyway” and you break it to pieces and throw it away condemning the whole world to a century of darkness and ruined dates of no phone calls and text messages.Photo by Edho Pratama

Do you think it’s fair to make everyone suffer and missing one of the best things ever just because you don’t believe in yourself and don’t tell anyone that you wrote a great book, have a business, make an awesome pizza or whatever your talents are. No it’s not fair and it’s not okay either. Give everyone a chance to identify and feel attracted to what you have to offer, you never know who you might be helping through your ”product”  or simply through not giving up.

Self marketing helps you get to the right people -those that resonate with you and will feel attracted to what you have to offer. The same people that represent your community, your clients, your followers, your friends.


What do you think? What are your steps to success?

Feel free to let me know in the comments & thank you for your time.