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As you may already know, I am working on my next book called ”The beauty psychology”, a book aimed to explain and as far as possible, offer a solution regarding what we can do to overcome our emotional unbalanced inner structure  that several times stops us from being what we really aim to be deep inside.

Although the book is still in the  ”work in progress” phase I decided to take it out of the digital and into real life to see how helpful it really is and how people react and engage to the subject.

Therefore thanks to Melinda Forcelatti, the Italian teacher that helps me with the Italian version of the website, and also to Silvia Rebaudengo for receiving me,  I held a presentation during her psychology class with a small group of 10 people around the topic of negative emotions -source, effects and solutions – and I am happy to say that they were very responsive and happy to engage in the discussions I proposed during the presentation.

The presentation lasted for an hour or so and it ended with a questionnaire I prepared and which I aim to improve and create an online version too, so I can exactly see how people react to the topic and where I stand with the research. I plan to shortly  discuss the results further after obtaining more responses after releasing the online version of the questionnaire.

In other words, for those of you that are curious about the content of my next book, here’s a sneak peek into the main subjects so far and some pictures from the seminar:

book contentIMG-20170216-WA0003








Now, if you’re wondering what’s next, I can tell you there are two things that follow: one is the final version of the questionnaire which I hope to accomplish soon and the second is trying to finish the key concepts of my book hopefully in march so this way I can offer you a pre-versions of a bigger work that I plan to improve in time. Meanwhile I also look forward for new possibilities of healding seminars for both private and public institutions.






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