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Last and first time I wrote some blurbs I did it in Romanian, but now it’s time to take away the shyness and  admit publicly how clumsy and left handed life can be sometimes, hoping that in this way I will put a message out there for all the other aliens that struggle with surviving in our fucked up world, far from being and fitting into the standard, boring creature. Brothers of clumsiness you…are not alone!

Cutting the useless excuses let’s dive in the most ridiculous sides of ”me”!

  1. There are times when I speak about life and solving problems better than Platon and Einstein..but there are also times when I throw water over snow hoping it will melt!!! Say what? Yup…human brain is a mistery.giphy

  2. Do you know that great feeling when you see your ex crush and don’t have any feeling? Me neither! I would have passed the test with an A+ if I wouldn’t have lost 3 points when I dropped my beer and 1.5 points when my legs were trembling, thank God I was sitting and (hopefully) no one noticed!

giphy (1)

3.Exploring new cities is always great fun…especially when you ask a random person about a place you need to get to and..well, they give you that dumb look because your arriving point is  right at the corner.

 giphy (2)

4. Life is amazing! Especially when you return a bran new phone to the store cause it wasn’t working properly and one week later you drop your old phone in the toilet! Now ain’t that adorable?

P.S. The toilet was clean! Thank you for the compassion anyway!

giphy (3)

5.  Lock the door when you leave, they said.

  • Does it matter if there’s someone left in the house? Just asking…

giphy (4)

Surprisingly this is all for now. Could this mean I’m older and get less into trouble?

Hmm… I guess, it only  happens less often but it has a higher impact 😀

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