I got back in my home town some days ago, after being wonderfully surprised in Rome, where I asked for  a Cappuccino with Soya instead of normal milk at a random street bar and well…happy me, they had it.

So, I was brave enough today to ask for such one of a kind Cappuccino at another random place in Timisoara and they gave me that look like I was trying to send E.T. home for real 😀  so I said Ok, sorry…my bad!

As the day went by while I was rediscovering my own city (shame on me!) I remembered one cool place in town where my wish might  have had a chance to become true, so I went directly to Biofresh! One of the few places in town where you can eat good vegan food.

Was I right? Yes I certainly was. I got the most tasty take away soya milk made of, cappuccino, I could wish for!



Now, as a Cappuccino fan, I enjoy it no matter what kind of milk has in it, but there are days when my heart goes for soya instead of any other kind and another thing I pay attention to, when I get myself a ”take away” coffee is the quality of the paper glass they give you ( thanks to the many experiences of burning my fingers with hot coffee) and guess what? they passed this test too! The paper glass is of good quality and the plastic top cover allows you to drink from it without opening it ( like in other cases).

I am not yet vegan unfortunately – I was, for five moths some years ago, and I gave up because I was too young and easy to influence 🙁 but I look forward to taste their good looking cakes with no milk and eggs included 😀 and if you ever pass through Timisoara, don’t forget to check them out!

P.S. The featured image (displayed when you saw the article on Facebook is from TripAdvisor but I am sure, they too can do even better) 🙂

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