How to get rid of anxiety in 5 steps?

This article is a serious matter.

If you want to feel better, whatever the problem is that causes your anxiety make sure to follow the next five steps.

So here we go…

  1. Control your mood.

Each morning start by playing a great and happy song that you like on your phone. It helps you start the day in a good mood or at least it should, if it doesn’t work throw the phone across the room…maybe you hit someone and release the anger 😀

2.  Be good to yourself

Remember that hidden chocolate you keep somewhere in the house. Forget about weight loss…go make yourself feel better for the moment and avoid the mirror in the next months…it should help!

3.  Stay clean…

Taking a hot bath is always comforting. Just remember…the water level is under the neck! Staying clean is very important but don’t make this your last memory.

4.   Maintain balance

Hold a hamburger in each hand.

5. Worry less

Watch all the negative news. At some point you’ll have so many reasons to worry that your brain will just give up like: I need a six months vacation twice a year – Just in time so you can hang the ”in vacation” sign on the door and go watch a movie!

Seriously now, anxiety is not something to joke about, but today’s lesson is that if you put some sarcasm and humor in each bad situation, it will be a lot easier for you to move on and keep things under control. Also, understand what triggers your bad mood…people, the media, or the lack of activity, or all. Whatever the reason may be take care and don’t forget to laugh 🙂