Q&A: update about my plans, projects and writings!

I stare at this blank virtual page with no clue about what to write. I usually hate writing when I feel like I don’t have anything meaningful to say, but still, it’s not healthy when long time passes without me saying or writing anything to you guys.

Although I don’t always write often, things do happen…slow. That is why I can’t write about them, cause I don’t always have the complete information to give.

Also I rather write in English the important things so hopefully everyone can understand, since the website has an audience of different languages.

So, here are some questions I thought you might have and some proper answers to what has been happening in the meantime.

  1. Have I finished translating the book in Italian?

Yes. But it still has to be proofread…fact which takes some time. How much time? Well, it depends on the time of the person that is proofreading it…

  2. Have I finished writing a new Italian poetry project?

Yes, but It has to be copied into word because it’s handwritten, and of course it has to be proofread, which again will take time.

   3.  Why I don’t invest in marketing?

Ah, marketing my love…no money, no fun. First of all because, I have to take my products to the best possible level, before I really make them known to the wide public, but sure I do make some investment here and there through websites, articles, and other free chances so I step out of the dark gradually.

   4. Other personal projects?

Looking for a job, traveling, studying to obtain the driver’s license and waiting in line for a course to become a professional self development trainer.

   5. How do you save money if you don’t work?

Well, I teach English and I sell wellness products 🙂

So I do work. Don’t you dare call me lazy, that’s one thing I’m not 😀

   6. What about Youtube?

Still in my mind, but not enough time for editing and all. I will keep making videos and put them on my Facebook page once in a while.

   7.  You were saying something about a self development book in English?

Yes, it’s on hold right now. Due to the facts mentioned above at point 4 and 2.

   8. What about the Romanian version of the book, will you edit another round?

Yes, I plan to, but I have to re-frame it a bit. It is always room for better, once you understand for yourself what it might not be okay with your writing.

   9. Where will you travel next?

In Milan, at the end of September. I need to close a bank account and it’s a great occasion to visit some friends 🙂

   10. What’s next?

God knows! I am doing my best to finish all my projects and then I’ll see. I may focus more on growing the audience on my Facebook page.

Hope you enjoyed reading and finding out that I’m still around, trying to make things work 🙂 even if I’m not always able to keep the blog up to date.

Have a wonderful time, until next time and if you enjoyed the news, please leave a comment on the blog, I would love to see your opinion or feel free to share this with friends.