If Adam and Eve really existed do we have any proof ?

One night my brain was busy. I couldn’t fall asleep so my mind started to process information since the beginning of the world until now. Suddenly I found myself thinking…” Hey, if Adam and Eve really existed, which I believe they did…shouldn’t it be some sort of proof…or hidden proof of it? The media and the over controlling world system only feeds us what they want and picking up the pieces by ourselves  we end up arguing about who believes what and why…”

That’s not fair!

So If Adam and Eve existed, do we have any proof?  The answer is YES!!

According to this website, in the cemetery of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, on a small sign can be found written: “Our Mother Eve.” The place is like a huge mausoleum with brown doors and inside, there’s a tomb that is believed to be the burial place of Eve.


The word Jeddah means ”grandmother” in Arabic and the name of the city has been given based on the belief of the fact that Eve, the mother of all humans, has been buried there.

As mentioned on their local touristic blog:

”According to the Koran, Torah and Bible, Adam and Eve did not follow the commands of God to abstain from the forbidden fruit. As a consequence, after being tempted by the devil, they were commanded by God to come down to Earth.”

Theologist agree that when they fell from heaven (Assuming that the Garden of Eden was not on earth) they fell in different locations and the theory starts from Eve falling in what is now  known as Jeddah and Adam in India. He went to search for Eve in  Muzdalifah. Other theories talk about the fall of Adam, Eve and the snake in Dajnah, a place  in Saudi Arabia located between Makkah and Ta’if.

The authorities of Jeddah haven’t cared much about the  tomb avoiding that the place would become some source of place of devotion and pilgrimage as this things are  not allowed in the Arabic culture. Precisely for this reason   nowadays the place is well guarded and people cannot enter in the actual chamber of the tomb but there are benches outside of it so we can sit and reflect (for real) on our world’s beginnings.


As a consequence of the passing time and their lack of care the tomb which is known to be 120 meters long, 3 meters wide and 6 meters high back in the days  is now only 3 meters long and since Eve was not the most gentle creature as we may think today… it is thought to have been around one hundred and eighteen feet tall. Fact for which in the very early years the tomb was in fact about 400 feet long as seen above.

I haven’t found anything more detailed yet on the internet about Adam but youtube is rich in documentaries. Even so the subject is fascinating and I believe we could find the answers in the mysterious library of Vatican if we could ever access it.

All the credits for the pictures go to https://jeddah-blog.com