Dear Friends,

I haven’t forgotten about you.

My life is a bit chaotic from time to time. There are many moments in which I cannot put myself together and write quality content in English, I struggle with maintaining the website from a financial point of view and I do my best to pursue my dreams and become more of who I want to become.

Even so, in the middle of everything I try to stay loyal to my goals. For this reason here are a few things that happened and may interest you:

I published a book in English – What inspired me?

I was inspired by the fact of writing an earlier E-book in Romanian and seeing good reactions from the readers. So I decided to write something similar in English.  The book is called The Beauty Psychology and contains a study made on a specific Facebook group. It’s a book about self development, creativity, and general psychological aspects that I personally observed during my life and for which I have obtained a conclusion that helped me in life. It also contains my personal life story and the story of a friend of mine.

 You can find the book on Amazon

Note: It may not show up in results if you search it by its title so try searching my name instead (Raluca Sandu) or simply click on the word ”Amazon” I wrote above and it will take you directly to the link of the book.

 I finally have a job

I have struggled for many years to find a job that I like and that fits my abilities. After taking a course in this direction, I became a trainer. At the current moment I teach General and Business English in companies.

Although I have a job now, it may take a while until I could spread my (financial) wings and fly. Therefore it is hard for me as I am sure it is for many of you. I truly wish you will excuse my lack of constancy and stay with me during this journey I am not yet willing to give up.

I am doing my best to stay true to myself in a world where survival seems to be the main way of functioning, either emotionally or financially and I can’t do it alone. Stay close, read the book to support my writings if you wish and have the best of luck and faith in your journey as well.

I am sending you my best wishes

and very warm hugs. With love,


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