The challenges I face working as an English trainer in companies

Hello there, my foreign friends.

As you already know starting this year I work as an English trainer in companies and even if I love what I do, things are not always easy as they usually aren’t in all the aspects of our lives.

For this reason, I decided to share with you some of the challenges I face. Some of them can feel like real setbacks but in the same way this things make me understand I have so much more work to do on myself and although it’s hard I still have to learn how to cope with negative feedback.

  1. Not sharing the same vibe with people

One of the main and most important things when teaching in companies and when working with adults in general is not sharing the same vibe with them. If you can’t be friends with someone, it’s hard to teach them anything and of course in such cases friendship is only a matter of context but bottom line, if someone doesn’t like you as a person, you can’t train them.

    2. Maintaining all courses at the same level

You’d be inclined to think that working one to one with people is easier than working with groups but things don’t always go that way. Yes, it has its advantages but once you have more than 2 courses things can easily go off track, especially if like me, you need time to figure people out and their learning style and you need to do your best to adapt your teaching style to their learning style and make things work in a way that they feel they can achieve their goals.

Work-life balance is hard to reach in such situations.

     3.  Facing the lack of transparency

It’s funny how big companies worry about the lack of qualified personnel and try to find external solutions when most times the problems start from the inside. You would be tempted to think it’s all about the salary but it’s not. In fact it’s all about the honesty, being clear and open and willing to talk about problems and not having changes being made without you being notified. When they make you the last one who finds things out you should make them the last job option but unfortunately most times all that can be done is to bear the brunt of their lack of transparency.

Overall, facing all these situations can create a certain level of stress and frustration. The urge and motivation of wanting to feel good enough and wanting to maintain a certain professional level can be deeply affected by the company’s misconduct and at times hard to handle for a trainer that is at the start of their career.