Hi ,

My name is Raluca, I don’t believe in impossibilities and I always had a passion for writing. I have studied Public relations at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara and my adventure through life begun with my first Erasmus in 2014.

People say a lot of things about me. Some say I’m wierd, some say I’m a nice person and some don’t know yet what to think. Truth is I enjoy so much the simple things in life, that this exact simplicity stays in my way sometimes.

Sometimes I talk beyond necessary, but don’t we all? and I truly believe to be on an increasant path of knowing and developing my self. That is why I am working on several projects among which also a self development book.

So if you ever need someone to:

  • teach you english through skype
  • do self development seminars (five -ten participants only, I am also a beginner)
  • create content for your website

Then make sure to contact me through email ( go to contact page) or

via Facebook chat down in the right corner.

P.S. For point 1 and 3 I accept Paypal payments.

Welcome on my blog 🙂