The challenges I face working as an English trainer in companies

Hello there, my foreign friends.

As you already know starting this year I work as an English trainer in companies and even if I love what I do, things are not always easy as they usually aren’t in all the aspects of our lives.

For this reason, I decided to share with you some of the challenges I face. Some of them can feel like real setbacks but in the same way this things make me understand I have so much more work to do on myself and although it’s hard I still have to learn how to cope with negative feedback.

  1. Not sharing the same vibe with people

One of the main and most important things when teaching in companies and when working with adults in general is not sharing the same vibe with them. If you can’t be friends with someone, it’s hard to teach them anything and of course in such cases friendship is only a matter of context but bottom line, if someone doesn’t like you as a person, you can’t train them.

    2. Maintaining all courses at the same level

You’d be inclined to think that working one to one with people is easier than working with groups but things don’t always go that way. Yes, it has its advantages but once you have more than 2 courses things can easily go off track, especially if like me, you need time to figure people out and their learning style and you need to do your best to adapt your teaching style to their learning style and make things work in a way that they feel they can achieve their goals.

Work-life balance is hard to reach in such situations.

     3.  Facing the lack of transparency

It’s funny how big companies worry about the lack of qualified personnel and try to find external solutions when most times the problems start from the inside. You would be tempted to think it’s all about the salary but it’s not. In fact it’s all about the honesty, being clear and open and willing to talk about problems and not having changes being made without you being notified. When they make you the last one who finds things out you should make them the last job option but unfortunately most times all that can be done is to bear the brunt of their lack of transparency.

Overall, facing all these situations can create a certain level of stress and frustration. The urge and motivation of wanting to feel good enough and wanting to maintain a certain professional level can be deeply affected by the company’s misconduct and at times hard to handle for a trainer that is at the start of their career.

What are some of the elements of a creation process?

There isn’t any exact recipe for creating an artistic piece. Weather that may be a story, a book, a video of some sort or paintings/drawings, but there is a teacher that becomes some sort of master of the entire process and that teacher is ”sadness”.

There is a saying that tells us ”Happiness never created art” as well as the fact that ”I have never seen a strong person with an easy past”. Both are true by default.

Not in many cases, an artist came out of a beautiful childhood.

For many people art is a way – the healthiest – to escape their own existence. Art makes you dive in head first in your creation and lose yourself in it.

Someone told me recently how dare I consider myself a writer, isn’t that arrogance – they said.

I rarely talk about myself as a writer, except for the name of the website, but in the end, no matter on what level my writings are, it’s what I do and what I enjoy most.

But in the end what are the characteristics of a person that may express herself through a form of art in the course of a life time?

Well let’s put it this way, you need a person that:

  1. is 50 % introverted or more
  2. Has been or is going through a difficult situation
  3. is sensitive
  4. has a rich imagination
  5. has depth

Now, truly important are mostly the first two. Depth and sensitivity can come along as a result of the hard times he/she have faced.

If he/she writes non fiction, imagination is not a must.

If it’s another form of art imagination is the key to everything.


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If Adam and Eve really existed do we have any proof ?

One night my brain was busy. I couldn’t fall asleep so my mind started to process information since the beginning of the world until now. Suddenly I found myself thinking…” Hey, if Adam and Eve really existed, which I believe they did…shouldn’t it be some sort of proof…or hidden proof of it? The media and the over controlling world system only feeds us what they want and picking up the pieces by ourselves  we end up arguing about who believes what and why…”

That’s not fair!

So If Adam and Eve existed, do we have any proof?  The answer is YES!!

According to this website, in the cemetery of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, on a small sign can be found written: “Our Mother Eve.” The place is like a huge mausoleum with brown doors and inside, there’s a tomb that is believed to be the burial place of Eve.


The word Jeddah means ”grandmother” in Arabic and the name of the city has been given based on the belief of the fact that Eve, the mother of all humans, has been buried there.

As mentioned on their local touristic blog:

”According to the Koran, Torah and Bible, Adam and Eve did not follow the commands of God to abstain from the forbidden fruit. As a consequence, after being tempted by the devil, they were commanded by God to come down to Earth.”

Theologist agree that when they fell from heaven (Assuming that the Garden of Eden was not on earth) they fell in different locations and the theory starts from Eve falling in what is now  known as Jeddah and Adam in India. He went to search for Eve in  Muzdalifah. Other theories talk about the fall of Adam, Eve and the snake in Dajnah, a place  in Saudi Arabia located between Makkah and Ta’if.

The authorities of Jeddah haven’t cared much about the  tomb avoiding that the place would become some source of place of devotion and pilgrimage as this things are  not allowed in the Arabic culture. Precisely for this reason   nowadays the place is well guarded and people cannot enter in the actual chamber of the tomb but there are benches outside of it so we can sit and reflect (for real) on our world’s beginnings.


As a consequence of the passing time and their lack of care the tomb which is known to be 120 meters long, 3 meters wide and 6 meters high back in the days  is now only 3 meters long and since Eve was not the most gentle creature as we may think today… it is thought to have been around one hundred and eighteen feet tall. Fact for which in the very early years the tomb was in fact about 400 feet long as seen above.

I haven’t found anything more detailed yet on the internet about Adam but youtube is rich in documentaries. Even so the subject is fascinating and I believe we could find the answers in the mysterious library of Vatican if we could ever access it.

All the credits for the pictures go to

Q&A: update about my plans, projects and writings!

I stare at this blank virtual page with no clue about what to write. I usually hate writing when I feel like I don’t have anything meaningful to say, but still, it’s not healthy when long time passes without me saying or writing anything to you guys.

Although I don’t always write often, things do happen…slow. That is why I can’t write about them, cause I don’t always have the complete information to give.

Also I rather write in English the important things so hopefully everyone can understand, since the website has an audience of different languages.

So, here are some questions I thought you might have and some proper answers to what has been happening in the meantime.

  1. Have I finished translating the book in Italian?

Yes. But it still has to be proofread…fact which takes some time. How much time? Well, it depends on the time of the person that is proofreading it…

  2. Have I finished writing a new Italian poetry project?

Yes, but It has to be copied into word because it’s handwritten, and of course it has to be proofread, which again will take time.

   3.  Why I don’t invest in marketing?

Ah, marketing my love…no money, no fun. First of all because, I have to take my products to the best possible level, before I really make them known to the wide public, but sure I do make some investment here and there through websites, articles, and other free chances so I step out of the dark gradually.

   4. Other personal projects?

Looking for a job, traveling, studying to obtain the driver’s license and waiting in line for a course to become a professional self development trainer.

   5. How do you save money if you don’t work?

Well, I teach English and I sell wellness products 🙂

So I do work. Don’t you dare call me lazy, that’s one thing I’m not 😀

   6. What about Youtube?

Still in my mind, but not enough time for editing and all. I will keep making videos and put them on my Facebook page once in a while.

   7.  You were saying something about a self development book in English?

Yes, it’s on hold right now. Due to the facts mentioned above at point 4 and 2.

   8. What about the Romanian version of the book, will you edit another round?

Yes, I plan to, but I have to re-frame it a bit. It is always room for better, once you understand for yourself what it might not be okay with your writing.

   9. Where will you travel next?

In Milan, at the end of September. I need to close a bank account and it’s a great occasion to visit some friends 🙂

   10. What’s next?

God knows! I am doing my best to finish all my projects and then I’ll see. I may focus more on growing the audience on my Facebook page.

Hope you enjoyed reading and finding out that I’m still around, trying to make things work 🙂 even if I’m not always able to keep the blog up to date.

Have a wonderful time, until next time and if you enjoyed the news, please leave a comment on the blog, I would love to see your opinion or feel free to share this with friends. 

How to get rid of anxiety in 5 steps?

This article is a serious matter.

If you want to feel better, whatever the problem is that causes your anxiety make sure to follow the next five steps.

So here we go…

  1. Control your mood.

Each morning start by playing a great and happy song that you like on your phone. It helps you start the day in a good mood or at least it should, if it doesn’t work throw the phone across the room…maybe you hit someone and release the anger 😀

2.  Be good to yourself

Remember that hidden chocolate you keep somewhere in the house. Forget about weight loss…go make yourself feel better for the moment and avoid the mirror in the next months…it should help!

3.  Stay clean…

Taking a hot bath is always comforting. Just remember…the water level is under the neck! Staying clean is very important but don’t make this your last memory.

4.   Maintain balance

Hold a hamburger in each hand.

5. Worry less

Watch all the negative news. At some point you’ll have so many reasons to worry that your brain will just give up like: I need a six months vacation twice a year – Just in time so you can hang the ”in vacation” sign on the door and go watch a movie!

Seriously now, anxiety is not something to joke about, but today’s lesson is that if you put some sarcasm and humor in each bad situation, it will be a lot easier for you to move on and keep things under control. Also, understand what triggers your bad mood…people, the media, or the lack of activity, or all. Whatever the reason may be take care and don’t forget to laugh 🙂




Looking for a Cappuccino with Soya milk in Timisoara? Here’s where you can get it!

I got back in my home town some days ago, after being wonderfully surprised in Rome, where I asked for  a Cappuccino with Soya instead of normal milk at a random street bar and well…happy me, they had it.

So, I was brave enough today to ask for such one of a kind Cappuccino at another random place in Timisoara and they gave me that look like I was trying to send E.T. home for real 😀  so I said Ok, sorry…my bad!

As the day went by while I was rediscovering my own city (shame on me!) I remembered one cool place in town where my wish might  have had a chance to become true, so I went directly to Biofresh! One of the few places in town where you can eat good vegan food.

Was I right? Yes I certainly was. I got the most tasty take away soya milk made of, cappuccino, I could wish for!



Now, as a Cappuccino fan, I enjoy it no matter what kind of milk has in it, but there are days when my heart goes for soya instead of any other kind and another thing I pay attention to, when I get myself a ”take away” coffee is the quality of the paper glass they give you ( thanks to the many experiences of burning my fingers with hot coffee) and guess what? they passed this test too! The paper glass is of good quality and the plastic top cover allows you to drink from it without opening it ( like in other cases).

I am not yet vegan unfortunately – I was, for five moths some years ago, and I gave up because I was too young and easy to influence 🙁 but I look forward to taste their good looking cakes with no milk and eggs included 😀 and if you ever pass through Timisoara, don’t forget to check them out!

P.S. The featured image (displayed when you saw the article on Facebook is from TripAdvisor but I am sure, they too can do even better) 🙂

Raluthewriter’s blurbs – Funny moments of my clumsy life :D

Hi there,

Last and first time I wrote some blurbs I did it in Romanian, but now it’s time to take away the shyness and  admit publicly how clumsy and left handed life can be sometimes, hoping that in this way I will put a message out there for all the other aliens that struggle with surviving in our fucked up world, far from being and fitting into the standard, boring creature. Brothers of clumsiness you…are not alone!

Cutting the useless excuses let’s dive in the most ridiculous sides of ”me”!

  1. There are times when I speak about life and solving problems better than Platon and Einstein..but there are also times when I throw water over snow hoping it will melt!!! Say what? Yup…human brain is a mistery.giphy

  2. Do you know that great feeling when you see your ex crush and don’t have any feeling? Me neither! I would have passed the test with an A+ if I wouldn’t have lost 3 points when I dropped my beer and 1.5 points when my legs were trembling, thank God I was sitting and (hopefully) no one noticed!

giphy (1)

3.Exploring new cities is always great fun…especially when you ask a random person about a place you need to get to and..well, they give you that dumb look because your arriving point is  right at the corner.

 giphy (2)

4. Life is amazing! Especially when you return a bran new phone to the store cause it wasn’t working properly and one week later you drop your old phone in the toilet! Now ain’t that adorable?

P.S. The toilet was clean! Thank you for the compassion anyway!

giphy (3)

5.  Lock the door when you leave, they said.

  • Does it matter if there’s someone left in the house? Just asking…

giphy (4)

Surprisingly this is all for now. Could this mean I’m older and get less into trouble?

Hmm… I guess, it only  happens less often but it has a higher impact 😀

My first seminar: A deeper look into the human emotions

Hi there,

As you may already know, I am working on my next book called ”The beauty psychology”, a book aimed to explain and as far as possible, offer a solution regarding what we can do to overcome our emotional unbalanced inner structure  that several times stops us from being what we really aim to be deep inside.

Although the book is still in the  ”work in progress” phase I decided to take it out of the digital and into real life to see how helpful it really is and how people react and engage to the subject.

Therefore thanks to Melinda Forcelatti, the Italian teacher that helps me with the Italian version of the website, and also to Silvia Rebaudengo for receiving me,  I held a presentation during her psychology class with a small group of 10 people around the topic of negative emotions -source, effects and solutions – and I am happy to say that they were very responsive and happy to engage in the discussions I proposed during the presentation.

The presentation lasted for an hour or so and it ended with a questionnaire I prepared and which I aim to improve and create an online version too, so I can exactly see how people react to the topic and where I stand with the research. I plan to shortly  discuss the results further after obtaining more responses after releasing the online version of the questionnaire.

In other words, for those of you that are curious about the content of my next book, here’s a sneak peek into the main subjects so far and some pictures from the seminar:

book contentIMG-20170216-WA0003








Now, if you’re wondering what’s next, I can tell you there are two things that follow: one is the final version of the questionnaire which I hope to accomplish soon and the second is trying to finish the key concepts of my book hopefully in march so this way I can offer you a pre-versions of a bigger work that I plan to improve in time. Meanwhile I also look forward for new possibilities of healding seminars for both private and public institutions.






The two main keys for success | Ralu The Writer

I have been thinking these days…I go through many emotional ups and downs but not because I don’t know where I want to be in the future, or where I see myself, but because I have the main problem that all of us have in our 20’s and that is the lack of patience. I want it all and I want it now.

I’m 26 and as it is normal because life goes on and on I start to worry about a sort of stability that I need but don’t really want yet.

  • I want a stable job but I want to travel.
  • I want experience but staying in one place seems a waste of time.
  • I want to settle down but I want freedom and independence more.
  • I want success but I hate waiting

I want all sort of things. And sometime no matter how much grit and perseverance you put into things, everything just seems like it isn’t really going somewhere and then you start getting tired, complaining and dreaming even more at things that seem to be even further, much more out of your reach. And we’re all like this somehow…but what is it that makes the difference for some of us? for those that one day will say: I made it!?

Among all the things that could be said there are two that in my opinion count more than any other. And those are

  • Attraction
  • Well made self marketing

Why attraction?

Well, first of all because I have to like what you promote/sell. And for that I don’t necessarily need to test it, that can come second because I don’t even want to hear what you have to sell if I don’t like what you say and how you say it  and that means that I have to Identify myself, see me through you, you’re experience, you’re values and everything you express.

Photo by Alexander Solodukhin

Why self marketing?

Thank GOD we live in an era where the methods of communication aren’t a problem, human connections, instead…well that’s another story. Imagine going back in time and you being the guy that invented the first cell phone but then you think..”eh, who need this anyway” and you break it to pieces and throw it away condemning the whole world to a century of darkness and ruined dates of no phone calls and text messages.Photo by Edho Pratama

Do you think it’s fair to make everyone suffer and missing one of the best things ever just because you don’t believe in yourself and don’t tell anyone that you wrote a great book, have a business, make an awesome pizza or whatever your talents are. No it’s not fair and it’s not okay either. Give everyone a chance to identify and feel attracted to what you have to offer, you never know who you might be helping through your ”product”  or simply through not giving up.

Self marketing helps you get to the right people -those that resonate with you and will feel attracted to what you have to offer. The same people that represent your community, your clients, your followers, your friends.


What do you think? What are your steps to success?

Feel free to let me know in the comments & thank you for your time.

Perfection? A waste of time…

This post will be rather short.

Never, but I mean never search for perfection. It is the biggest mistake someone can do.

See, perfection is just a result of searching for a kind of quality that we didn’t managed to obtain in our life.

Looking for perfection is a way of assuming that we are never good enough for ourselves and for others and therefore it’s a mindset in which we can never rest and feel in shape without fearing that something could go wrong or that we could disappoint others.

The secret is we never disappoint anyone because we are the ones who set the standards in our own eyes and in the eyes of the world through our attitude and way of communication, both verbal and no verbal.

Sometimes, the simply idea of perfection or that something might not go as planned stops us from  trying in the first place which is very wrong.

Instead of hunting perfection (which by the way doesn’t exist) you should hunt with perseverance and do your best to be constant in what you do. If it’s a hobby or something you’re good at try learning new ways of doing that thing, be informed on the subject and take things step by step. Don’t remain stuck on one part of the process trying to make it perfect. Don’t wait for that idea of perfection you have in your mind to become true because it wont. Just go for it. Otherwise your whole life will pass while you wait for something that will never come along the way.