I’m packing my bags…again!

So it’s happening, I’m packing my bags again, heading back to Italy next week. I’ll be there for another six months working in the marketing department of a Wine company.

The sad part of this new trip is that I’ll be missing a friend’s wedding.

In other words, I am once again full of fear and uncertainty for the unknown that comes ahead.

But come what may…I can face it. I can and I will.

Valle de Aosta, the northern region of Italy in which I am going it’s amazing as far as I have seen in the photos.

I won’t tell more for now.

I only hope I am going to do just fine.

More pictures and information about the place, once I get there. So stay tuned.

Oh and if you wonder, why Italy…again, well, it wasn’t a choice but a chance. After a year of searching for an internship I finally got accepted here and it’s also a decent sallary and amount of money requested for the first month of stay.

I leave you with two preview photo from the place.

         valle-aosta-italia-650x302                                                                                             Valle-daosta

Cover photo(only): travelfashiongirl.com