Traveling in Germany. Where and why?

Heading on my way to Italy, I stopped by in Germany for a few days and went a little bit through some of the nice and welcoming small towns of the Bavarian region.

It wasn’t my first time in Germany but it sure was a nice feeling going through all those wooden houses with the typical bavarian style on the outside and enjoying the beautiful landscapes,

I haven’t been yet in the big cities of Germany, but what impressed me this time, was the rustic and simple life of those people in spite of the advanced conditions of life that are present there as they are in the rest of the world. There are still a lot of farmers in the Bavarian region. You can still smell the presence of the cows in their backyard and the fresh collected dry grass all wrapped in the garage.

Going through a few small towns, or not even, like Nordlingen, Oettlinger and Erlbach  I had the joy to discover reading another website earlier today that the fact for which Nordlingen is surrounded by an old medieval wall is that the town was actually built in the big round hole left by a meteorite that hit earth 14 million years ago. Also the wall has an entrance and it let’s you go walk around the city for like three hours if you have the nerves for it. I passed 😀

I don’t know if Oettinger is known for anything special but it does have amazing butter filled pretzels that go well with coffee for breakfast and get you started for a great day.

Last but not least, Erlbach welcomed me with a nice festival with a presentation of old but perfectly shaped tractors dating back from 1952, good looking and still working.

Another cool thing about Bavaria is that they are very fond and proud of who they are, in such way that they have clothes made after the rustic style.

If you’re not convinced yet, I will leave you with a gallery of great photos to admire. I cannot tell you anything about the hotels because I didn’t had to use one.

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