Looking for an internship? Read this !!

Today is the day. It’s going to be officially my first day of work, well…half day of work, I am only going for  four hours in the afternoon and tomorrow I will star fresh at 8 a clock, If I am anxious about it ? A little bit, also it’s probably the last free morning with enaugh time to write on the blog, but we’ll see.

Anyway…I’ve been talking a lot about Italy, Valle d’Aosta and my new job, but how exactly did I arrived here, how I got the internship and where should you start if you are also looking to change the context for a while or maybe you are also at the beginning of your career!?

The name of the program is Eurodyssee. And basically all the people find about eurodyssee by chance, by hearing other people talking and almost never by official campaigns, although the program is a EU project.

What you can do for a start is to access www.eurodyssee.eu and check if your country or region is part of the program. Even if the internship has a passed deadline or your country may not have anything to show, go to menu-regions and contact them by sending an email or even calling, and see what they say.  For the fact that the program is not known, they may have internship possiblities but they removed them cause no one applied.

Though, keep in mind that once you decide to leave for an internship, you need to have enaugh money for the first one/two months if possible, and to cover your transportation. In all the rest, with eurodyssee you have the house for free,  with only maybe the internet to pay. Also things go pretty fast, in two weeks or a month you’re already at your working destination and starting the internship.

I’ll keep you informed on how the internship goes, so stay close.