Since the very beginning people always wanted something, that thing being of course different according to each one’s own and personal desires. But have you ever wondered what is the difference between those who only want and those who also achieve?! and when I talk about achievement I don’t mean money or properties, or anything material…in the beginning at least.

In that point of distinction between those who only want and those who also obtain it has been placed among all kind of factors (determination, power of will, perseverence etc.) a very important one that makes the difference between wanting and having: Timing! Yes…

  • Timing is the most important factor, but why ?

If I say I want to see Egypt, for example, it’s an infinitive phrase. When do I want to see it? I don’t know, I can tell that from the phrase, it could be today, tomorrow, sometime in this life, I only know I want that to happen. But only I know that, maybe I don’t tell it to anyone and even if I do, I will still find out one day soon that a friend of mine or someone, has been there and I still wish to go.

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Once I set a time period, next year let’s say and I start working on that, searching for ticket offers, saving money, searching for a cheap place to stay etc. things will start happening, doors will start opening in that direction. It could be about a place, about a new job, about having a dog, a baby, anything, it’s all about ending the talk and starting the action.

  • Action brings results, but how?

There are many people in the world that like talking about things, they dream, they say what they want or what they would like to do in their life but they never really take action to do anything, they just go where the wind takes them, and you know what it has always been said, that for the ship with no direction, no wind is ever good enaugh. No chance will be the best for you if you don’t set specific time based goals.

Remember: Set goals, make a plan, set a timeline and start working on it. The best things that made life what it is today were once a choice of dividing a dream into small steps that led to higher knowledge and realisation of that which once was only a bunch of words on a messy piece of paper.

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