What are some of the elements of a creation process?

There isn’t any exact recipe for creating an artistic piece. Weather that may be a story, a book, a video of some sort or paintings/drawings, but there is a teacher that becomes some sort of master of the entire process and that teacher is ”sadness”.

There is a saying that tells us ”Happiness never created art” as well as the fact that ”I have never seen a strong person with an easy past”. Both are true by default.

Not in many cases, an artist came out of a beautiful childhood.

For many people art is a way – the healthiest – to escape their own existence. Art makes you dive in head first in your creation and lose yourself in it.

Someone told me recently how dare I consider myself a writer, isn’t that arrogance – they said.

I rarely talk about myself as a writer, except for the name of the website, but in the end, no matter on what level my writings are, it’s what I do and what I enjoy most.

But in the end what are the characteristics of a person that may express herself through a form of art in the course of a life time?

Well let’s put it this way, you need a person that:

  1. is 50 % introverted or more
  2. Has been or is going through a difficult situation
  3. is sensitive
  4. has a rich imagination
  5. has depth

Now, truly important are mostly the first two. Depth and sensitivity can come along as a result of the hard times he/she have faced.

If he/she writes non fiction, imagination is not a must.

If it’s another form of art imagination is the key to everything.


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