Astept Raspuns a fost publicat dupa cum poate stiti deja, pe 23 ianuarie 2016 in format de ebook. Imi propun sa donez  jumatate din banii care se strang din vanzarea cartii.

copertaImi doresc sa fac o schimbare, sa fac o diferenta in viata cuiva, dar nu pot sa fac asta singura, am nevoie de ajutorul tau.

Daca si tu vrei sa ajuti si sa vezi in mod concret unde se duc banii tai si in folosul cui, acceseaza link-ul cartii si hai sa aducem zambetul pe buzele cuiva impreuna.

Astept Raspuns pe Google play.

My book ,,Waiting for an answer” (you can see the cover on the left) was published on 23 january 2016 and I have decided to donate half of the money obtained from the sales.

If you also like to help and you like to know for sure where will your money go, let’s make a positive change together in someones live.

You can get the book at only 3.99 $ by clicking the following link:

For donations(payments) in euro you can access the following link:

I  hope for your help and I wishh that you will keep close for updates about the project.

Feel free to comment, share and tell your friends about this.

Let’s make a difference!